Donut Spare Tire

Donut spare tires, also known as a compact spare, are used on the majority of today’s passenger cars. Donut spare tires were introduced by car manufacturers in an effort to cut space and lower costs.

Although these tires take the place of a full size spare tire, they do not have the same capabilities a full size tire has.

They are smaller than a full size tire and can only be used for limited distances because of their short life expectancy and low speed rating. They don’t have a lot of tread on them and they are not built to withstand bad road conditions as well as a full size tire is. They are made to be a temporary tire so you can get to a tire repair shop to fix or replace the full size tire that’s damaged. The life expectancy of a donut spare tire is around 70 miles. Most temporary spares also are limited to a speed of 55 mph.

So, if you have to use a donut spare tire, please be aware of it’s limitations and drive accordingly.

donut spare tire

damaged donut spare tire

This is what can happen if you drive too long on a donut spare tire. Click on image to enlarge.